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Seditio File Attachments

File Attachments plugin for Seditio Version 1.0.3
This plugin tightly integrates one of the most wanted functions for Seditio Framework.

1. Attach files to pages and forum posts.
2. Does not use PFS.
3. Multiple attachments per post.
4. Size limits set in Seditio user groups configuration.
5. Thumbnails for attached images.
6. Paper clip button in topic list to show all attachments in topic.
7. Preview image in page category listing for automated showcases.
8. 100% skinnable, internationalization support.
9. Seditio permissions system used (Read/Write/Admin).
10. Verbose error output.
11. Disk/database cleanup utility.
12. A lot of customizable settings.
13. Personal attachments management.
14. Gmail-like interface support and examples.

1. File uploads support on in webserver configuration.

1. Put the «attach» plugin into your Seditio plugins folder.
2. Log into your Admin panel and install «File Attachments» plugin.
3. Go to Admin => Configuration => «attach» and configure the plugin for your needs.
4. Make sure the directory you specified in configuration is writable for PHP.
5. Go to Admin => Tools => File Attachments and click «Install» to install the database table required
by plugin.
6. Edit your skin files. You can find the list of all available tags on plugin installation page
(admin.php?m=plug&a=details&pl=attach). There are example pieces of TPL files in the bundled
«example_tpl» folder.
7. Don't forget that all the forms in forums.editpost.tpl, forums.newtopic.tpl, forums.posts.tpl,
page.add.tpl and page.edit.tpl MUST have an attribute enctype="multipart/form-data".
8. You can also edit a popup template in «plugins/attach/tpl/attach.tpl» or you can create your own
template in «skins/YOUR_SKIN/plugin.standalone.attach.tpl».



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